Conditioning & Retentioning

Proper Steam Conditioning ensures good pellet quality with minimum fines. The addition of steam in the conditioner results in the gelatinization of starches and binding of mash feed to create a more favorable product entering the pellet mill.

Purpose of Mash Feed Conditioning

  • Raises the mash moisture and temperature
  • Activates natural adhesives found in ingredients.
  • Softens the feed particles for increased surface binding during compression
  • Increases pellet die lubrication
  • Destroys micro-organisms and deactivates some anti-nutritional factors

Sometimes the addition of liquids like molasses and fats are incorporated in the conditioning process. It has been generally recognized that proper conditioning will improve product quality, pellet mill output and die life and reduce energy costs.

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The conditioners are mounted directly on top of pellet mill. The product is fed into the conditioner by means of a feeder screw with a variable speed drive to control the feed rate. Steam is injected a single inlet or multiple inlets mounted on the conditioner. The retention time will depend on the configuration and requirement.

Features of Hardcase Conditioners

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Nitrile Rubber Insulation to reduce dissipation of heat.
  • Easily accessible cleaning and service doors.
  • Individually adjustable stainless steel paddles for maximum mixing efficiency
  • Steam addition through a PLC based system * Offered as an option. Manual steam control is also available
  • Single or Multiple configurations possible to increase conditioning time.

Long Term Retentioners

The Long Term Retentioner extends the time factor in the conditioning process. The mash in conditioned in a normal conditioning and then fed into the retentioner to increase the dwell time. Further movement of the product through the retentioner ensures that each particle has the same ‘dwell time’ (‘first in first out’).

Features of Hardcase Retentioner

  • Longer retentioning time to ensure thorough conditioning for good pellet quality
  • Stainless Steel Construction with Nitrile Rubber insulation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cleaning and service doors with gas spring arrangement for easy operation

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