In the Crumbling process pellets are broken down into smaller pieces by passing them through counter rotating rollers with grooved surfaces. One roller has a fixed axis of rotation while the second roller rotates about a movable axis. This process follows the cooling process in the poultry feed preparation where there in requirement of breaking larger pellets into smaller pieces to make them more pallet able for chicks.

Features of the Crumbling

  • Distributor roller at inlet ensures distribution of the incoming product across the machine for optimum Crumbling performance.
  • Helical profile rollers in chilled cast iron with hardness of 500-550 BHN.
  • One roller is fixed and the second roller is spring loaded to adjust the gap between the roller.
  • Separate drive for each roller.
  • Mechanism to adjust gap between rollers to get required particle size.
  • Built-in bypass arrangement to avoid crumbling.

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