Why We ?

Hardcase was started by the legendary Mr. G. S. Shete in 1957 and since then we have crossed milestone after milestone with the support of Mr. Rajive Shete and Mr. Ashish Shete. We owe our success to the encouragement and enthusiasm of our clients and customers as they have always instilled confidence in us to keep us moving forward. Today equipped with over 60 years of experience and expertise in the manufacturing of feed processing equipment we have clearly established ourself as the industry leader. Spearheaded by Mr. Ashish Shete and ably supported by Mr. Shashank and Mr. Karan Shete, today hardcase Engineering is blessed with the best talents in the industry. Considered pioneers in developing innovative solutions, Hardcase is credited to be the first company in India to make the feed mixer and grinder for livestock.
With our corporate office in Hyderabad, a prominent poultry pocket in South India, Hardcase Engineering also has its full fledged manufacturing facilities located in the city which are complimented by a modern design office with the latest tools and equipment. We employ top-class professionals that include designers, engineers, dedicated service & installation team and other technicians. Through the years the company has installed over 30 pelleting plants of capacities 10 - 400 tons per day, and more that 1,000 mash feed plants of capacities ranging from 10 - 400 tons per day. Today Hardcase has a customer base of over 1,000 spread across the length and breadth of India, comprising of government enterprises, research institutes, universities, poultry farmers and corporate business houses.
The Hardcase group under its umbrella has sister companies, Shete Engineers and Diamond Shield Industries which ably assist and support in providing spares and services to our ever growing clientele.
In the recent past Hardcase has made tremendous strides and crossed geographical boundaries to enter newer markets. Over the past few years we have already installed plants of various sizes in Africa, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and Nepal.
Today Hardcase is an active member of the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FAPCCI), CLFMA of India and Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), all prominent bodies in their respective fields.

Mission & Vision

Our key strength is that we are a ‘one stop shop’ for providing complete feed milling solutions and our packages are custom made to suit specific requirements of different customers. Our experienced project management team is trained and experienced to guide the client through the various stages of the project and ensure maximum efficiency is achieved. At Hardcase we have always been quality centric and laid great emphasis on quality control and R&D as we are continuously innovating our products by understanding the market requirement and by using valuable feedback from our clients and project engineers.

Our Team

Mr. Ashish Shete

Executive Director

B.Sc. MBA with over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Mr. Shashank Shete

Executive Director

B.Tech MBA.

Our Clients

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