Hot pellets coming out from the Pellet mill need to be cooled to around ambient temperature. Moisture added during the conditioning process is also required to be removed. Efficient cooling improves shelf life of pellets.

Principle of operation

The product moves in the downward direction continuously following the concept of ‘first in first out’ while cool air passes through the product in an upward direction. This ensures transfer of heat between the product and the air passing resulting in the cooling of the product to ambient temperature.
Models available from 2 tph – 20 tph

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Features of Counter Current Cooler

  • Ambient air used for cooing.
  • Triple gate design consisting of one reciprocating gate to discharge the pellets.
  • Rotary feeder for uniform feeding.
  • Adjustable proximity sensor to control the retention time in the cooling chamber.
  • All contact parts of the cooling chamber in Stainless Steel construction

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